Venkata in Sankata

On Nov 1st, the Kannada community of Sampige raised $764 to help the victims of the recent floods in Karnataka. While the movie "Venkata in Sankata" was clean but silly and stupid, Kannadigas came together just to raise money for a good cause. The Kannada film industry may be in a long and dark tunnel for some time to come, but there already is light at the end of the tunnel for Kannadiga pride. On a Rajyothsava day, Kannadigas rallied for Karnataka's sake. Members who had seen the movie, members who had heard how bad it was still came just because this was a fund raiser.

Thank you for your support !

Movie reel : $400
Fedex        : $120
Galaxy       : $300
Total          : $820

Tickets:        $912  (122 @ an avg price of $7)
Donations:   $872  (incl. $100 check to SEWA)
Total:         $1784

Flood Relief Donors