Handyman For Anything You Need Done

Not everyone can profess to be a DIY guy. There can be many good reasons for this. At least you are not pretending. But one thing you cannot pretend about is this. There is always just so much that needs to be done around the place. The place being deliberately said because this should have equal relevance if the chat is about your home or your business.

handyman near me

Everything you know about your business is good. But how much you know about keeping your business premises shipshape may be quite another story. So, here’s the thing. Do what I do. I have not time or knowhow even. My expertise is chatting to you online. But while I’m doing this, and making a good buck from it, my place back home does not need to fall to pieces so long as I can always call up my handyman near me.

You would not believe this but I’m one of those guys who would not know what to do with a lightbulb if you gave him one. But give him a pot of ink, or in this case, a good keyboard, and Bob’s your uncle. And if he’s willing to put the time and muscle into it, he wouldn’t mind trying out for a paint job.

He loves to paint. Or so he thinks. Not so funny even when you get your hands wet with it. And don’t even go there if you have a missus at home who taps you lightly but impatiently on the shoulder while you’re trying to watch a ball game that you never get a chance to watch and she says that there’s a leak springing under the kitchen sink again.

Not that you wouldn’t but you wouldn’t know how.