Vasanthotsava Solo Rules



  1. Performer needs to be at-least 8 years or above.

  2. Typical solo performace can include - Songs (Duet songs are OK),Solo dances, Monoacting etc. 

  3. Only one entry per family.This is to give most of the member families a fair chance to perform.

  4. First preference given to our survey responders conducted during the start of the year

  5. If you did not take the survey before send email to with below details

  • Name of the performer :
  • Nature of performance (Song/Dance/Drama) :
  • Email Address :
  1. Each performance gets 5 minutes.Any extra performance time need to be discussed with Sampige-EC co-ordinators.

Since the space on the stage for this event is limited, most of the performance is limited to SOLO only. In rare event we could discuss the possibility of two performers on statge.