Vasanthotsava Participation Rules

  1. Open to all Sampige members (except Sampige EC, BOT, Judges and their families)
  2. One entry per family and for one category only (choose from appetizer, main course, or dessert). Additional dishes are welcome but only one dish will considered for the prize.

  3. Entry should include any needed side dish ( for example, Idly with sambar or chutney)

  4. Entry should serve 10-12 people

  5. Food must be ready for serving when submitted. ( refrigeration or heating not available at the facility)

  6. Vegetarian food only

  7. No store purchased or catered food

  8. Deadline to sign up for contest: April 30th

  9. On event day, entries must be submitted before 3:30pm. Late entries will be accepted but not considered for contest.

Don't forget to come up with a creative title for your entry.

Prizes awarded for

  • Taste

  • Creativity

  • Presentation