Elections 2012

 Sampige Bhandavare

We are almost towards the end of 2011.
This has been a great year for Sampige. Thank you all for supporting us throughout the year.

This is the time for elections again to elect our new Sampige Executive Committee for the year 2012.
We look forward to have nominations. Please use the nomination letter send in your nominations. 

We are glad that the following have agreed to be our election officers for this year.
  • Vishwateja Tharuvesanchi
  • Anil Talikoti
Please use the nomination form and send in your nominations to Anil at the following address on or before Monday 2nd of January 2012. Completed and signed forms must be received by the election officer by the deadline. Please allow sufficient time if you are mailing the forms.
Anil Talikoti
2122 Crigan Bluff Dr
Cary, NC 27513